A normie and his money are easily parted

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A normie and his money are easily parted

Post by Burger »

I've told people (blue pilled normies to the extreme) to invest in crypto and I just said invest in the main coins. Now that they have a little return on their investment they won't leave me alone on what to do next.

I don't know that much about crypto, but people are srsly offering to give me thousands of dollars in cash to invest for them. If I wanted to be an asshole I would take the money and be like sry bro it failed but I don't feel like dealing with the drama.

It's easy to see how wall Street geeks finesse mellons out of people
All my posts are works of fiction for fun. Therefore unusable in court against me. It's all a joke bro


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Re: A normie and his money are easily parted

Post by Majutsushi »

Bro are you srs I got an idea
The post above is 100% LARP. Only an absolute FOOL would believe any word of it.

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